Summery Lemon & Dill Red Potato Salad

Several years ago my husband and I went on a white water rafting trip with several others for the weekend. It was my first time rafting on the lower Youghiogheny river, and even though I did try this activity one other time, I haven’t ventured out again. One thing I remembered from this trip, other… [Read More]

Summer Tomato Bruschetta

There’s nothing like a ripe summer tomato. One of my favorite ways to eat them is as bruschetta. Summer Tomato Bruschetta  I wish I could grow them here in Pennsylvania, however, I do not have the space, nor enough sun to grow great big juicy tomatoes. Even the people I know who grow them here don’t… [Read More]

Decorate Your Home: Easy Summer Mantel

It’s been rainy here, so while I was stuck inside I thought I’d do some decorating by creating a summer mantel. If you are like me, then you have a lot of items around the house accumulated over the years. Things stashed in the basement or tucked away in a chest or cabinet.  Why not shop your home and… [Read More]

Hanging Burlap Flower Vase

According to the calendar it’s not quite summer, but it sure feels like it with temps in the high 80’s. My plants are growing so fast. It seems like I’ll blink and miss the show. The tree peonies have finished flowering already, and so many of my herbaceous peonies are blooming that I’m afraid I’ll hardly get the… [Read More]