DIY Easy Custom Bulletin Board

I’m still working on my home office which I’m sure will be an ongoing process. One of the things I really needed was a place to tack up my notes. Little reminders, special numbers like my hex numbers, checklists etc. Currently I have been hanging papers on the wall with washi tape in front of my computer. Though… [Read More]

Gardener’s Pegboard

On our trip to Construction Junction I picked up a framed pegboard for $10. I had been thinking of making one to hang above my potting bench, and there it was, already completed. It was a little grimy so I spray painted the board with a nice herbal green and the trim in white. I… [Read More]

DIY Office Desk from a Door and Cabinets

I’ve been blogging for a little while now and up until recently I was using a standard banquet table for my office desk. As you can see there is absolutely no storage and the entire room was beginning to become a huge problem. DIY Office Desk I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and… [Read More]