Summer Entertaining: FREE Caldrea Cleaning Kit

If you like to do a lot of summertime entertaining it helps to have great cleaning products. If you are not a cleaning fanatic, and I know some people are, it can be difficult dealing with harsh chemicals and super strong artificially scented products. I myself have allergies and a sensitive nose, so the last… [Read More]

DIY Potpourri from Your Garden

Have you ever made potpourri from your garden? If you are growing flowers and herbs you might want to try this age-old craft. After all, it’s so easy to make and can be adapted to all kinds of preferences and tastes. The Materials Plants (flowers, herbs, seed heads, pine cones, citrus peels… see more below) Fixative (cellulose fiber,… [Read More]

DIY Gardener’s Hand Soap in a Mason Jar

I couldn’t resist buying some of the beautiful heritage mason jars in green. I also bought a pump and lid Factory Direct Crafts to make the jar into a handy soap dispenser which I think is a great look that I have been coveting for a while. They are not very expensive but if you have the time… [Read More]