Millie’s Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie ~

I was fortunate enough to marry a wonderful man who grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country which an Italian mother and a father who was a chef. Sadly both are now deceased but we are reminded of them through extended family and our own children. One of the many recipes I have learned from my mother-in-law was her Chicken Pot Pie.

Chicken Pot Pie ~

I know it’s not Italian but Millie could make just about anything and even though I grew up in Pittsburgh I had never had Chicken Pot Pie like this one. You see it wasn’t a pie, it was more of a stew, a delicious stew. It’s not too difficult to make although I always struggle with rolling out the dough. My impatience gets the better of me and it’s usually a little too thick. And today I’m sharing it with you. What about you? Do you have any special family recipes? Have you ever had Chicken Pot Pie which wasn’t in a pie shell?

Here’s the recipe: Millie’s Fabulous Chicken Pot Pie

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  1. Here in the middle of PA Dutch country, Lancaster County, PA the version baked with a top crust is known as “chicken pie. ” Love them both!

    • Thanks Dottie,
      My husband’s family is from York, PA. I used to love visiting the Central Market with all the great local merchants. I’ll have to try your Chicken Pie version. Do you think the noodle dough would work or do you use more of a pie crust on top?

      • Definitely a pie crust top! My grandmother made her’s with nothing in side but chicken, gravy, sweet potatoes and white potatoes. I like to add carrots, peas and some onion and celery.

        • That’s what I was thinking because the dough is basically an egg noodle but you never know. Better to ask someone with experience. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it next time.

  2. Barb Diffenderfer says:

    Greetings from Manheim, Pa. Yes it’s about to snow, ONE MORE TIME!!! Today was the first time I received all this fun through my email! Made chicken pot pie 2 weeks ago. Wonderful meal for this time of year. I always make and roll my own noodles. If you haven’t tried this you must! Very easy to do, and a great way to save $$! The recipe I use is found in the Mennonite Cookbook, a book that is given as a wedding gift in these parts! This dough would not be good for top or bottom pie crust. Keep warm!

    • Hi Barb,
      Love that you are using a Mennonite Cookbook recipe that you received as a wedding gift.
      I’m not sure where my mother-in-law got her original recipe.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing the tip about crust too!

  3. Lisa Heist says:

    Hi Patti,

    You are making me miss Millie’s cooking but thanks for the idea of what to make this weekend! Hope your family is well.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Everyone here is doing well. We miss Millie dearly and everyone on my side of the family loves her Pot Pie so I thought I’d share it. Hope you and yours are doing well too. Thanks for stopping by.

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