About Garden Matter


Hi, I’m Patti the creator of Garden Matter.

As a child my mother helped me grow my own African violets and spider plants in my room. Since then I have been an avid home gardener concentrating on ornamentals and herbs though I sometimes grow the occasional edible. After all, who doesn’t love a homegrown tomato.

When my baby went off to college Garden Matter became a place for me to create and share my love of flowers, crafting, cooking, and other DIY home and garden projects.

View from driveway ~ gardenmatter.com

Here you will find plenty of tutorials, recipes and great tips. Many relating to the garden but also on decorating, entertaining and creating gifts for family and friends. And, since I am impatient and frugal, everything I make is relatively easy and affordable.

View from front porch ~ gardenmatter.com

There’s something about growing, creating and giving, that for me, is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling.

Sharing creative home and garden ideas, to enjoy with family and friends, is altogether, Garden Matter.

Thanks for stopping by, and please do come back again soon.

I’d love to hear from you. Send an email anytime to:
[email protected]